Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall is gone!

Well, the beautiful foliage, the splendid autumn, was so short this year. Today was absolutely awful. Windy, rainy. My husband is stuck at New york airport, waiting to come back. Ugh!

Fortunately, last week, when the temperature was in the 70's, I took the kids to Lake Cochituate, and we captured the last beauty of the fall. So lucky!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

My girl

My little girl is, well, no longer a little girl. She's almost 5!

Litte C

Little C is such a sweet girl. Her dress is simply gorgeous. We had the session at Belmont Reserve. It was a beautiful day. Probably the last chance to wear sassy summer dress before the leaves turning red and winter coming again(oh no!). Some sneak peeks for the anxious mom and grandma. More coming!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Little C was my client when she was a baby, and she came back with her baby sister this time. Does her hair style remind you someone? I think she looks like Jacqueline in the 60's. Esp the little purple hat, way too cute.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A chilly photo session turned out to be great

Today I photographed two girls and a baby boy on a chilly chilly morning, typical boston's fall weather. Since it was so cold, the kids lost patience early. The little girl was cranky, her mom called it a nightmare day. They had to apologize to me, I had to apologize to them. But look at the pictures! Did you see any coldness?? The girls were in their dresses, smiling beautifully.

Just noticed all the pictures are vertical. I used to only take horizontal ones.
Talk about obsession. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lovely boys

I photographed the D boys last weekend. They were so lovely. I tried to capture some laughters of S, the big brother. He told me the only way to make him laugh is to tickle him. I wish I had an extra arm with my other two holding the camera. Oh well, I probably need an assistant.

The little one really enjoyed the running and peek a boo behind tree, these tricks always work on young kids.

She's four!

My littel girl just turned into 4 year old! We had a big birthday party for her at Kids-U. Have anyone been there? It's a great place to host a party. I would recommend there.

Who's this little guy?

He's a happy fella. He's about to crawl(mobile but not really crawling yet) and explore the world around him.

He once was my little peanut. Now he's a big boy with lots of hair. Yes, lots of hair. How fast they grow!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

seven month old cutie

I photographed this beautiful little girl last week. Recently, I've been only working with boys, including my own, so I'm happy to see some pink again!
Aren't girls the sweetest things in the world?

Look at her eyes!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh, how cute he is

J is my most loyal client, and I love her. Here is her cute 8 month old, loopy curly hair(is it wild?), big shining eyes and chubby yummy knees. Every photo of him turned out great. I wish he's mine, truthfully.

Notice his hair style?